So what makes our service different.

When you get an email address, anyone can send you an email. Even if you ask them to take you off their mailing list, they may not do it. At the Ethical Email Company, we give you the control. To receive an email from someone, you must first add them to your approved senders list. To help you with this for your friends and family, we will send you a set of business cards, with your new email address on it and how people can become approved to send you an email. We will also send you copies of our online instructions. We appreciate that not everyone is comfortable reading instruction on a computer screen.

We give you a very simple to use portal where you can manage your approved senders list. You can see who has sent you an email and can choose to allow it through, once or always. This is a useful feature if you are buying something online. Once the transaction if complete you can remove them from your approved senders list Adding them back again in the future if you choose to.

When someone send you an email, we reply back to them immediately telling them that you are using our service. If it is someone you have already given a business card to, they will know how to get approved, if not, we provide instructions to them. When you create the account you are asked to provide a pin number. You can change this pin number at any time and as often as you like. The person who has sent you an email is asked to enter this pin number to allow their email through. They only ever need to do this once. You can then later if required, remove them from the list.

You may not want to go to all this trouble, so we have designed the management system to allow someone else to do the work for you. They can manage you email account, who is on your approved senders list etc. You can remove their access at any time. You can then re add them or someone else. A friend, parent, child, partner. If you ask us to and for a small charge, we will setup all your contacts from your exiting email provider and migrate all your email across. However we have found that some people actually prefer a clean break and all they do is setup an autoresponder on their old email address telling people of their new one.