Whats all this about Ethical Email?


Ethical. It’s a big word. We thought long and hard about what it meant to us and as a corporation what it should mean to everyone. Firstly corporations generally are here for their shareholders. Yes we have a single shareholder. However he has decided that we are going to give away at least 50% of the profit we make to charity and good causes. We will do this very visibly so that you our users, see where you money is going. We welcome requests from anyone, however are target is to improve the lives of children and people with difficulties. You may be running a Wheel Chair basket ball group, you might be an under 11 football team, a breast feeding club, woman’s group, children centre, scout group, girl guides, the list is endless. We also intend to support those that look after others. Our recognised company charity is the RNLI.

We will publicise our accounts. We will show you where we spent the money. We have a no fat cat bonus policy. Simply put there will be no bonuses for Directors, there will also be no huge pay packets. The max pay packet for anyone will be £50,000 per year. This will rise over the years but no more that the rate of inflation or other standard government index.

All awards we give to people will be listed on our website. Along with how much we have in the pot to give and how much we have given away.