Q. what email address can i have?

A. At signup you can choose from a selection of names.

Q. Can i change my email address.

A. Yes. However you will lose the right to the old name.

Q. I need to talk to someone.

A. Whilst we do all support online to reduce costs.  We understand some people need to talk. Raise a support request and we will schedule a call.

Q. Why do you want my mobile number.

A. We will send you a text to confirm your identity.

Q. Why do you want my DOB

A. This is purely for security so we can identify you if you need support. We will also ask for your mothers maiden name or other similar questions.

Q. You say you will not share our data. Is this true.

A. We believe your data is your private property. We will not share / sell / give away any data from our platform. The only exception would be a demand from a court or lawful authority.

Q. My son daughter signed up this account for me. Can they see my emails, approved and blocked senders.

A. Yes. If you want to stop this. In edit my profile. Choose unlink master account. Then change your password. They will then be refused access to all your email and settings.

Q. I unlinked my sons / daughters access to my  account. How do i add it back.

A. You need to login to your account and go to edit profile enter your son / daughter email address and they will be able to administer your account again..

Q. You give away 50% of your profits to charity. Really?

A. Yes. Once we have paid all costs we will give half of what is left to charity.

Q. What charities and how will we know you actually give out the money.

A. We welcome requests from any organisation as long as they are committed to improving the lives of others. We will accept requests for both capital purchases and support for running costs where there is a real need. Any group that promotes the well being of others, especially the young, old and disabled. Everyone is entitled to apply.

Q. Why these charities.

A. We wanted to choose charities that were to benefit young and disadvantaged people. The RNLI are the emergency service of the seas.  Often going to sea when all sensible people are running for cover. To selflessly risk their own lives to save others. 

Q. Why are you doing this.

A. Richard Harvey founder and CEO wanted to make a difference and prove that there are still good people out there. Doing things to benefit other people. He hopes that others will follow his lead and do other ethical businesses.

Q. Are you GDPR compliant.

Y. In a single word Yes. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us.

Q. How do i make a subject access request to see what personal data you hold in me and how much does it cost.

A. We will accept a SAR by any method. Email. Web form. Fax. Phone. We will need to verify your identity. We DO NOT charge for the service. However the only personal data we hold is the information you provided in your account application.

Q. GDPR says you have to delete my data if i ask you to.

A. You are correct. It also says we have to let you take it elsewhere. As the only data we hold is in you account profile. You can delete this yourself. However please be warned. Deleted is Deleted. If you delete your account we cannot recover it. You will lose your email address. Whilst you can start a new account. We cannot guarantee the email address you want will be available.

Q. Where do you store data.

A. All data is stored in a UK data centre.

Q. What happens if I decide I want to go to gmail or somewhere else, will I loose all my emails?

A. No if you decide to go somewhere else we will forward your email to the new provider for 12 months. Free of Charge. However we would want to engage with you and understand what we have done to make you want to change.